I’ll begin with her total disregard for authority at age 2 when she ploughed my white, leather trimmed, Mercedes into a tree. A Behavior, I might add, which has carried through to this day when she ploughed my V12 S600 Mercedes into the only tree in New York city outside of central park.


Upon her arrival in the United States of America, after she compulsively obtained the lead role in two high profile theatrical productions in Times Square’s Broadway district, I assigned her a company to run in Manhattan. After a thorough 12 days of initiation and acclimation to what some consider the focal point of global commerce. Grace Mills, my child, totally and completely cast aside all preconceived ideas, procedures and methods in favor of the grander plan.  She established a pirate like attitude to competitors and those in positions of authority in the great city of New York and proceeded to change the way real estate is transacted, a practice firmly established over the past 100 years.


Not content to have just upset the wealthiest people of influence on the planet, Grace went on to manipulate my companies to her own devices and I can only say at this time thank God she has temporarily returned to Australia because although I hate to admit it, I was having trouble keeping up.


I can say in closing, before the little sassy pants hussy takes the stage, that Grace is a very naughty girl with no respect for historic methodology and if we had 100 more like her we may very well change the world in a profound and lasting way.


… I give you my ill behaved, radically disruptive and deeply influential daughter Grace Krystyna…. (Krystyna by the way is her mother’s name, another impossible child)… MILLS.


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