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Ireland day 1 & 2

So we landed in Dublin on Tuesday.

We walked around a little bit and then we went to the temple bar. Temple bar is a famous pub in Dublin, it’s massive. Walked around Dublin a bit and then got in the car to drive down to Youghl where we had family we never knew about!

Stephanie had […]

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The day that didn’t end.

So on the third day we went for a drive around the ring of Kerry.

We went to the Kerry cliffs and drove around the countryside.

Then we went to the cliffs of Moher. We walked up there as a family and then I ran back with my music blaring. It was so amazing to listen […]

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Young Achiever

I met Kerrie Phipps in June of last year. Over the last 6 months she has been an amazing support and such a great resource.

Kerrie has just begun the “Young Achievers” giveaway which is an amazing idea Kerrie launched 6 weeks ago that puts the spotlight on Young people doing good things!

I am so honoured […]

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Think Big Online New York!

As most of you know I accidentally ended up in the states for longer than expected.

The team decided to seize the opportunity and create Think Big Online’s presence in New York!

We now have some office space on Maddison Avenue and are very excited for the new things to come !

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What’s going on (?)

So it’s pretty interesting how life works.. One day you think you have it all down and the next your like… well what the hell happened there.

This is what has been going on.

Upon arriving in the US I was nervous that I was going to have issues with immigration. With being out of the country […]

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Coco Safar

So while I am in NY I am tagging along to a few meetings with Dad.


I often don’t know who we are meeting with or why- I just rock up and it’s a surprise.


This time we were meeting Wil to talk about an awesome coffee brand- Coco Sofar. It has amazing culture around the brand […]

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Gold coast trip

So….. Tiger airways.

I looked really cute going to the airport, had my book.. all ready to go then… nup flight cancelled none til the next day AFTER the wedding had finished. Very un helpful.


My best friend Tom came and reused me from the airport and delivered me to Tash where we drank wine and were […]

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Instead of goals I want to write myself promises. I feel like I have more attachment to saying I promise myself I will achieve … instead of saying I aim to achieve this by whatever date.

By sharing these I feel like it will help me be held accountable and who knows, I might even get […]

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Things my boss says

Me- Where are the normal glasses
Samuel- Here take this (Champagne glass) it suits you.. and can be part of your rehab strategy.

” Samuel: hey do you feel like going to bunnings for me tonight?
Sent at 3:38 PM on Monday
me: That is exactly what I feel like doing tonight..
Samuel: […]

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You know what, when I was in high school I thought I would look back once I had accomplished certain things and go NER TOLD YOU SO and I thought that would be THE BEST feeling on earth. Thank god I didn’t do things solely for that reason.

I have done a lot of what I […]

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