You know what, when I was in high school I thought I would look back once I had accomplished certain things and go NER TOLD YOU SO and I thought that would be THE BEST feeling on earth. Thank god I didn’t do things solely for that reason.

I have done a lot of what I set out to do in high school that people said I couldn’t. Move to New York, go to a musical theatre school,  be in musical theatre (close to) broadway 😛 buy a house in NYC by the time I was 21, have my own office overlooking park avenue but most recently…. record a song I wrote (in collaboration with Dad) with amazing musicians and producers. A lot of people told me I couldn’t and .. I did. Not by myself.. I had so much help along the way.

But I did it, so here, “I told you so“……….. Wow that’s a bit of a let down. My ner ner moment wasn’t all it was cracked up to be but I think doing things for the  “I told you so moment” hasn’t been my motivation for quite some time.

I am so super lucky. I am really so thankful for the life I have and have had and sometimes I get lost in my own head and forget how grateful I should be! I am on cloud 9 at the moment because something that was always a dream of mine became a reality.

Today is an amazing day for me, I received the master of the track we wrote 2 years ago and recorded 9 months ago.

One day I was singing the song with Dad at a family friends event and (the now investor of the project) goes, that song is amazing, lets get it into the recording studio ASAP and it happened! It is a completely surreal thing that it went from this little idea that started with “there’s a New York Rat on a subway track” to a real track that real things are going to happen with.

This is a dream come true. We recorded vocals at one of the best studios in NYC (Platinum) used by some of the best musicians like U2, we recorded with a choir, had an amazing time, went through 32408723502375 mixes, had some amazing people play on the track, getting it all mixed in nashville before being sent to Marcussen Mastering in Hollywood.

Some may see this as name dropping but you know what, I think in this instance I’m just allowed 🙂

To be able to say I did that and have this amazing finished product that is me, is so indescribable. This feeling that I have achieved one of my dreams. This is a massive checkbox in the things I wanted to do in my life and it feels so amazing. Do you want me to say amazing again?

This isn’t the end of this checkbox though it is just the beginning I have so many more goals, aspirations and really far fetched dreams that I will not stop until I get or get dead.


Office Warming Party

First I would like to thank every body who came to help us celebrate us moving into our new office space. It was a raining day and we all really appreciate you making your way over and I hope that everyone had a great time.


Here are some snapshots of the evening!

Beware of Online Marketers

Yes.. I am one

Online Marketing companies in general get a bad wrap.

Why? Because there are sneaky cheats out there who take peoples money and give nothing back.

I can tell you all the sneaky things people do in marketing and no wonder it’s hard for people to commit to it, there are so many horror stories!

Let me tell you about one that just nearly happened but I saved the day ( TRUMPETS)

A friend says, oh this company just said they can get me on the first page of google for $600 a year! I thought, well clearly they must have misheard. So I went to my friends store, and they reassured me that it was indeed $600 a month to come up first on google GUARANTEED.

Let’s get one thing very very clear.



If they don’t have access to their ranking algorithms (which means you work AT google) They are lying.

Anyway. These guys said $600 a year to come up first. So I called them.

The conversation went like this. 


Me: So you guarantee the business to come up first on google

Them: Yep

Me: For what?

Them: What is it you do?

Me: Mobile phone repairs

Them: Well you will come up first for mobile phone repairs

Me: Just that?

Them: Yep

Me: So you just do SEO on the website for one keyword?

Them: Oh no, we don’t do SEO

Me: Then what are you doing?

Them: Google maps. You will come up first on google maps which is on the first page of google.

Me: So I will come up only for mobile phone repairs and just on google maps.

Them: Correct

Me: But you said to the owner you Guaranteed them to come up first on google.

Them: It is… on the maps.


Had the business owner not asked the right questions, they would have been stuck with paying $600 for a google maps listing.

Is it just me or is that extremely sneaky?


Stop giving online a bad rep.




Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad.

Who is the most Eccentric, impossibly optimistic ( even when it defies all logic), creative, talented, spontaneous, ingenious and hard to reach on the phone 6 year old I have ever met.

Not many kids get to run companies with their Dads… I certainly didn’t mean to. And it wasn’t always easy (it was never easy) But it was great. I didn’t grow up with Dad around when I was little, but I grew because of him when I was older. Some of the things he did I didn’t always understand, but looking back a lot of it was for the best.

I am who I am today because of him, in business and in life. Even if I learned that by getting wasted with him on the lower east side, eating 4am baklava then going to a speakeasy to drink rum hidden through the back of a sandwich shop and both getting up to be fabulous at a 7am meeting.


He showed me a part of life I never thought I would experience, and we get closer every day. I never thought I would have the relationship I do now and am so grateful after going through so much together from tough times in the company, to the police showing up to get me in the Hamptons… we can still come out the other side with smiles on our faces and knowing that it all brought us closer together

Happy Fathers day.




When your parents act 6 years old…

me: Drama day… but I made the best of it

Simon: You love drama    Your an expert

Simon: You know what you call the wife of a hippie?

me: …

Simon: Mississippi

me: lol

Simon: You know what you call a fish with no eyes

A fish

me: … no it’s a fsh

Simon: its

no apostraphe    🙂

me: what? Why not?

Simon: It’s means ownership does the it own the fish

then it would be it’s fish

me: … no

Simon: But whats for dinner, its fish

me: it is    is shortened to it’s

Simon: Not always

me: in that case it was

it is a fish…

it’s –  it’s a fish

me: I was using it as a contraction for it is

Simon: If you were to reference something China owned in this way, you’d say “its foreign policy.”




Simon: I am glad we got that straightened out 🙂

me: nio    It’s a fish is right

Simon: it’s confusing    🙂

me: fish owns its own home. It’s a fish

Simon: Yes but why ?    🙂

And fish dont own homes

they just can’t get a mortgage

too slippery

me: I was right…..

Yes but arent you glad we went through the negotiation    it sharpens your sills

me: That wasn’t a negotiation.. it’s.. ugh nevermind

Last summer- Which is now my winter .. confused?

After cleaning out my email this evening I realised how much of a whirlwind last summer was. There was so much going on, so much changed, major ups and major downs.


Some of the emails I read gave me so much anxiety because I remember exactly how those moments felt and I can only thank to goodness that it is all over.


There was a lot going on in the business, which I won’t get into on this blog and won’t really get too deep into the personal, just know, a lot happened in a very short space of time.. I can only thank the people who were around me that figured out what was going on and somehow worked it all out.


Last year we had some very toxic people come into our world and infect our lives. I always had a very trusting nature, and along with other members of my family, let people in when they shouldn’t be so quickly.


Looking back however, this person seemed to be part of the whole summer and changed our relationships with each other, and the way we make new relationships- personal and business.

I think that people come into your life for a reason.. you may think oh my goodness why do I have this person in my life if they are so awful- they teach you things.


This particular person happened to be a snake and a socio-path. I got myself into a bit of trouble with this person because I got mixed up in it. There was a lot of lies, a lot of deceit and a lot of alcohol. Sometimes people can blind you with the glitz of New York. Best clubs, best restaurants, expensive tables with expensive liquor with impressive people… but at the end of the day, most of it is just a mask. I have to admit I was completely wrapped up in it.. until the set started falling apart and you see all the cameras recording your bad decisions 🙂

Last year taught me a lot about people and a lot about myself. There was a certain type of life I thought I wanted. But that life is shallow… once I got below the surface it was a dark place.


I feel like I only let certain people into my world now, and even fewer get close. Now this seems jaded… but you really need to get to know someone before you let them have an influence in your life. On that note, I realised I am very easily influenced by others so I have to be careful who I surround myself with because I will adapt their behaviours and follow their decisions. Also the people who are already in my world, especially family.. we went through a lot last year too internally, and it has strengthened us 10 times over. Our relationships now are very different to what they were a year ago.


I am so glad that I have learnt what I have so far, but even writing this makes me feel a little sick at the thought of being back in that situation and I am so, SO glad and grateful I came out the other side of it all having grown from it.





Bit more American Story # 2

Ah 2009.

Well after a brief visit to the land of OZ I came back and continued in digital media and also started a show called No No Nanette… I was Nannette.. who was a girl who had this guy chasing after her but she didn’t want to settle down and wanted to go to atlantic city and get wasted pfft totally wrong character right?

I met some of my closest friends during this production and we had some great times up in trump tower and at webster hall…


Started working with a record label that won’t be named…. but massive fail.

Still living in Harlem in the kids bedroom…. this is a picture from one of my morning walks


We got a dog named Teddy who is a rescue dog and has impaired motor skills and walks like he is drunk

One day the whole family got arrested… in Jersey… afterwards we went drinking at the Diner…. it was mothers day

Looking back on my twitter we spent a lot of time in the Hamptons in 2009…. here is some of what happened

I got Vegas the dog…. but that is a whole other blog. I am going to do a blog dedicated to just her…

We did halloween this year…. 3 times over

I was a bi-polar bear.

I got a tattoo

Cause I was so tough after i got a tattoo… I decided to join a rock band. It was great. We played once before the band broke up after recording the album.

OMG SNOW… ughhhhhhhhh snow. I dislike snow…. greatly. Clearly I dress for the occasion.

When it snows in NYC….. its gross. It turns to slush, its slippery and everything just frikkn stops.