Bros before hoes

Going to take his opportunity to thank all my friends for still being my friends even though my life is drama 99.999% of the time.

Thank you for having long winded phone conversations

Thank you for letting me whinge over drinks

Thank you for encouraging me that calories don’t count on the bad days

Thank you for pretending like my huge screw ups are “not a big deal”

The other night I had a particularly bad day, nothing was going my way, had a lot of decisions to make, a lot of things just wrong wrong that I couldn’t fix and after my 6th Jagerbomb and 19th french martini… I broke. I don’t break often, I usually suck it up and carry on but .. I had a miniature melt down and sometimes we need those! Anyway..they came with me in a cab and stayed with me until I fell asleep.. even though they had someone to be going to see.

Just before I had a friend call me and say they couldn’t speak to me anymore. Now this is a guy who I have been friends with for roughly 6 years .. Their partner of less than 3 months was intimidated by me and questioned our relationship so they were no longer allowed to talk to me..

Now I am not exactly known for my awesome relationship example… possibly because I am not in a relationship and haven’t been in a serious one in about 4ish years…but it really bugs me that when people get into a relationship.. they vanish of the face of the earth. A lot of my friends are guys, and most of them stop talking to me once they have girlfriends.. if someone asked me to stop talking to someone just because we were together … that would be the end of that. Take me for me or take your business elsewhere. Unless there was a really good reason.. maybe I am just a bad influence… it wouldn’t be the first time I have heard that. If you are in a relationship with someone and you can’t trust them to talk to another girl… give up. Cut your losses, get a big bowl of ice-cream and on to the next one.



My Cousin Alicia.

Alicia is my Cousin. She will talk to me about my boy problems, chase me around with a broom and get locked out of hotels, discuss gossip girl and have mad chats about grandma.


We have nothing in common



Since my Dad is the reason I have A.D.D I asked him how to stay focused. Number 3 is a favorite


1: Discipline. You just make the list and execute it using pomodoro so your lock with the task is not broken.
2: Exercise. Its all just chemicals. Your brain doesn’t work with toxins pumping through it. It needs oxygenated blood. If you need to watch a 40 minute video on how to do something, watch it on an elliptical. You wont get bored and youll take in the information properly.
3: Bum glue.

TV show

Once upon a time we made a TV show on CBS


The one I helped most with was the bottom one. Where I also had brown hair. And was a Real Estate agent. Not that I wasn’t a real estate agent in the first one.


This was an interesting project as we had never made a television show before and came across all kinds of interesting things. Especially the things you can and can not say. Or do. Or allude to.


Fun times. Judge away.

The first year of my American Story.

I moved from Albury to NYC when I was 17. Big hopes bigger dreams and a bigger waistline.
Mum came with me, dropped me off


and I started work as soon a I got there just until I made it on broadway.
I worked with my Dad in a digital media company called LMG digitalMedia where I was an assistant. I entered business card details, set meetings, got coffee.. you know all the assistant stuff.

Until it wasn’t. So I was running the company one day.. oh wait skipped a bit. Rewind 2 weeks.
The operation was mainly Dad Dan and I. And the team in India and the two interns. Occasionally some freelancers.

As time went on I took on more and more responsibility as Dad decided to start more and more companies. There came a time where he had to be supervised at meetings so it didn’t turn into another company. He would get this look, lean forward and go … you know… and I knew that was when it was time to leave before I was filing for another Limited Liability Company on legal zoom.


Einstein’s house- I am so charming


I learned the ins and outs of business fairly quickly, how to do accounts, how to handle unhappy clients, how to yell at verizon ( I was extremely good at that one) I had no idea about what we actually did though. Web design? Coding.. SEO.. SEM? WTF is that.. you don’t have time enough to say the whole thing… ( search engine optimisation…….. well fine shorten it)- No idea. I just did what was now normal… pretend I know what the hell is going on until I do.
We moved offices a bunch of times, the first one being on 5th ave, across the road from my favourite sandwich shop Eisenburgs. He taught me all about pastrami and the art of toasting Rye bread while giving me grief about the way I said tomato.
After that we bought offices up in Harlem. Not in the Harlem where we lived but the slightly scarier Harlem.

Our CFO’s name was JR. JR is amazing.. ( I may have smashed one of his Mercedes) but I would say he is amazing regardless of that. He lives in montclair in a castle with 8 cars and a stretch limo with a driver named James. One nice James is driving JR to the new office… looks around and chuckles … you won’t last a day.

In 6 months JR only had his laptop and phone stolen.. but considering it was across from a spanish drug cartel run out of the barber shop we did pretty well.

Most shootings only happened on holidays (no really) but the other times you were generally safe.

The building was manned by Greg and Sylvestor. Greg was the doorman who always appeared to be working for the FBI. Always watching and always lovely. Sylvestor was the cheeky cunning doorman who always had something cheeky to say. – Part of the charm. After

We had a new guy who came to run his radio show from our offices Lowie. We ended up being friends and he helped smuggle me into bars and walk around TriBeCa and getting punched by cab drivers after the victoria secret new years eve party. Harlem was easier with him because I wasn’t the whitest kid around.

By now we had a few entities, a few online companies, a production suite, more employees and I had a bunch of friends. First year was hard, especially the winter.. I learned pretty kick that scarf and gloves were not just a fashion accessory.
New Years. Year end. Next chapter.

Florida vacation

Florida vacation

One day Dad woke up and decided we were going to go to disney world! This was such an amazing trip. We drove down through georgia and stayed there the night, which was absolutely gorgeous! Such a lovely place, lots of soul food! Went down to Orlando and did Disney world which allowed me to be a kid for the week! I cried at the castle (yeahh judge). So beautiful! Video and gallery below




Sometimes it is so hard to set priorities.

I’m not talking about tasks, more talking about life priorities and what comes first.

I am trying for a career that doesn’t have a normal schedule and I want a certain lifestyle but that doesn’t give a whole lot of margin for error. If I want to make it, my career has to be my number one priority. Sometimes you really don’t want it to be, and sometimes that makes you feel like you don’t want it enough.

Some people call it heartless when you say you put your career in front of relationships.. whether it be friends or more than friends.. but if your friends are your true friends they will understand, and if the person you are with is meant to be, they will still be there on the other side.

Sure it sounds bitter, but I assure you I’m not. Young people in business will tell you how much they have sacrificed to be where they are. And maybe sometimes we miss out on “life” while we are trying to achieve our goals, but I will hopefully look back and know I chose my head over my heart and made the best decision to make me the best I can be.

Today I had a conversation with my Mum about always she gave the right advice. Career is what keeps me alive and it’s time to refocus. I have always considered others in my decisions, but you have to learn to be selfish sometimes.

I am a party girl, and I don’t deprive myself of that, but it definitely has an effect. When I was detoxing, I was much more efficient and focused. Perhaps time to go back to that?

You only get one shot at life, and sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough to succeed. Other times I feel like I’m not “living” enough when I get jealous of people in comfortable relationships, or travelling the globe. Then I remember the path I am on and look at what I have already achieved and it comforts me.

I am going to write out my goal list and share it. Some of them are over ambitious but hey.. if you shoot for the moon you will still land amongst the stars.

This morning I decided to go into Real Estate

Off to Real Estate school. I am going to become a Real Estate agent.

No but really.

For some time we have been working on a project with CBS called Eye On Real Estate. It needs agents and someone to run it so TADA.

Fast forward a bit. So I got m y Real Estate license, sold a few houses, learned what I needed to about Real Estate Law, licensing in most of the states of the USA, how warped NY Real Estate is, and how business works at the top. Well at least te way I saw it looking.

I also went and got licensed in Florida in anticipation of the company opening there while managing the New York brokerage ready for the launch of Distributed Real Estate.

In the first week of launch we were on Fox news, in crains, in the real deal, and in A LOT of trouble with CBS.

HA I found one of the articles



So Mum and I are in Vegas…yada yada linkin park

We stayed in Paris the first night.. went out drinking..

Then the next night.. went out drinking, found a guy at Karaoke.. he proposed.. I said yes, Mum said I will witness.. Mum got bored went home, we went swimming in the Bellagio water fountain. Well.. we tried. His name was Jason and he had a highly respected job at a local strip club.

The next night we went to a show at Planet Hollywood. I was a bit cranky because I was hungry, and there were all these OTHER people in my casino.. anyway this guy comes up beside me.. how is your night, getting up to much? No,.. I’m going to find some food. (Awesome Gracie.. make yourself look fat while your at it.. ) Oh.. well you should come drink with us at Pure… Me- Nah, I’m here with my Mum and we have kind of reached drinking capacity for the weekend…
I start to get a feeling we are being followed. … we are… 3 security guards and an entourage..

It was the lead singer of Linkin Park… and they were hosting the biggest party in Vegas that night at Ceasars… Sigh. He was gone by the time I realised.

I have a strange and wonderful life.

A lazy weekend in the Hamptons…

Charlie is having a birthday and the family went out there to celebrate and stay the weekend with the puppies and the kidlets.

Susan is one of the beautiful people you meet in life. Business owner, Mother, philanthropist and overall awesome person. She heads up Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund. They save dogs from kill shelters.

After singing New York state of mind Susan – ” Oh that was beautiful ….you know what that made us decide? Were going to Billy Joels house today.

Pretty Cool.. Just saying.