Bit more American Story # 2

Ah 2009.

Well after a brief visit to the land of OZ I came back and continued in digital media and also started a show called No No Nanette… I was Nannette.. who was a girl who had this guy chasing after her but she didn’t want to settle down and wanted to go to atlantic city and get wasted pfft totally wrong character right?

I met some of my closest friends during this production and we had some great times up in trump tower and at webster hall…


Started working with a record label that won’t be named…. but massive fail.

Still living in Harlem in the kids bedroom…. this is a picture from one of my morning walks


We got a dog named Teddy who is a rescue dog and has impaired motor skills and walks like he is drunk

One day the whole family got arrested… in Jersey… afterwards we went drinking at the Diner…. it was mothers day

Looking back on my twitter we spent a lot of time in the Hamptons in 2009…. here is some of what happened

I got Vegas the dog…. but that is a whole other blog. I am going to do a blog dedicated to just her…

We did halloween this year…. 3 times over

I was a bi-polar bear.

I got a tattoo

Cause I was so tough after i got a tattoo… I decided to join a rock band. It was great. We played once before the band broke up after recording the album.

OMG SNOW… ughhhhhhhhh snow. I dislike snow…. greatly. Clearly I dress for the occasion.

When it snows in NYC….. its gross. It turns to slush, its slippery and everything just frikkn stops.



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