Gold coast trip

So….. Tiger airways.

I looked really cute going to the airport, had my book.. all ready to go then… nup flight cancelled none til the next day AFTER the wedding had finished. Very un helpful.


My best friend Tom came and reused me from the airport and delivered me to Tash where we drank wine and were merry.


The next day I flew to the Gold Coast.. hung out with the kid lets, go ready and then went to the wedding. The wedding was beautiful and I think everyone got a little bit teary.


After the wedding we went on a mission for food before going to juptiers for the reception. Dekko Hannah and I hung out by the pool then we went into the reception which was STUNNING.


I had such an amazing time dancing with Dekko and Hannah. We shuffled, we twisted and shouted and we wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeahed.




Then the kids went home and I stayed out with Uncle Wazza, Uncle Dace and Aunty Kez. I went to get drinks.. and naturally when I came back Kez was on stage.


At about 4 we decided it was time for bed. And by bed I mean BlackJack. So I went and did that, then hopped in a cab and went home.


Knowing me.. a good night out isn’t complete without a bit of cab drama.


He decided that he no longer knew where I was going and the address didn’t exist and was going to call the cops. I in all my wisdom got out of the cab.. in the middle of Ashmore and walked in what I assumed was the right direction.


No cars, no phone, NFI where I was or was going. Luckily another cab came to the reuse.


Next day I recovered next to the pool and had a BBQ in celebration of Aunty Kezzas birthday.



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