Ireland day 1 & 2

So we landed in Dublin on Tuesday.


We walked around a little bit and then we went to the temple bar. Temple bar is a famous pub in Dublin, it’s massive. Walked around Dublin a bit and then got in the car to drive down to Youghl where we had family we never knew about!

Stephanie had got in touch with us some time ago as she was putting together our family tree. We got to Youghl and checked in at the bed and breakfast in an adorable little room.

We had a drink at the bar and Stephanie came up and said yeah… That’d be ye… We looks very similar and so do Dad and Johnny, Stephanie’s Dad.

They lived 20 mins out of Youghl so we jumped in the car and followed. The roads started getting narrower and the countryside was getting greener. We got to their lovely house and were introduced to either rest of the family.


Everyone was lovely, the house was beautiful. To go to the bathroom you have to cruch down to get in. We were told heaps of stories about our family like my great grandfather.

Stories such as this…. Tell me if you see a resemblance

Ned (My great grandfather) bought 50 left legged boots…. Took them into town and set up a shop. He managed to sell all of them.

Ned was trying to sell a house, a lady came on a misty day and said,
“Is that a pear tree? I can’t see through the mist.”
“Yes! A beautiful pear tree.”
That night Ned went out and bought some pears, tied a string to them and hung them in the not-pear tree so in the morning when she came she could see the pears.

The family kept coming in, they all knew about us, but they were all new to me. Stephanie told me that Ned used to have a picture of me on the mantle and that was Grace and you weren’t allowed touch it. That made me proud.

We went back into town and had some dinner then we went to a cute place called the nook for a nightcap.

The next morning we had an amazing breakfast and took off for the coast. First stop Blarney Castle


We did the caste, and kissed the blarney stone. Then we went on a tour of the Mannor then we went and saw the Witches Kitchen and fairy garden. It was amazing.

Then we went along the coast and did all of this.

Tonight we are staying in a small town called watermill in a cute place with Irish music.









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