Last summer- Which is now my winter .. confused?

After cleaning out my email this evening I realised how much of a whirlwind last summer was. There was so much going on, so much changed, major ups and major downs.


Some of the emails I read gave me so much anxiety because I remember exactly how those moments felt and I can only thank to goodness that it is all over.


There was a lot going on in the business, which I won’t get into on this blog and won’t really get too deep into the personal, just know, a lot happened in a very short space of time.. I can only thank the people who were around me that figured out what was going on and somehow worked it all out.


Last year we had some very toxic people come into our world and infect our lives. I always had a very trusting nature, and along with other members of my family, let people in when they shouldn’t be so quickly.


Looking back however, this person seemed to be part of the whole summer and changed our relationships with each other, and the way we make new relationships- personal and business.

I think that people come into your life for a reason.. you may think oh my goodness why do I have this person in my life if they are so awful- they teach you things.


This particular person happened to be a snake and a socio-path. I got myself into a bit of trouble with this person because I got mixed up in it. There was a lot of lies, a lot of deceit and a lot of alcohol. Sometimes people can blind you with the glitz of New York. Best clubs, best restaurants, expensive tables with expensive liquor with impressive people… but at the end of the day, most of it is just a mask. I have to admit I was completely wrapped up in it.. until the set started falling apart and you see all the cameras recording your bad decisions 🙂

Last year taught me a lot about people and a lot about myself. There was a certain type of life I thought I wanted. But that life is shallow… once I got below the surface it was a dark place.


I feel like I only let certain people into my world now, and even fewer get close. Now this seems jaded… but you really need to get to know someone before you let them have an influence in your life. On that note, I realised I am very easily influenced by others so I have to be careful who I surround myself with because I will adapt their behaviours and follow their decisions. Also the people who are already in my world, especially family.. we went through a lot last year too internally, and it has strengthened us 10 times over. Our relationships now are very different to what they were a year ago.


I am so glad that I have learnt what I have so far, but even writing this makes me feel a little sick at the thought of being back in that situation and I am so, SO glad and grateful I came out the other side of it all having grown from it.





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