Mega flashback… my first NYC journal

Well… I’m, working for LMG digital media… and doing that I’m meeting heaps of amazing people from all fields, Im the assistant so I run around the city doing jobs, calling people, arranging meetings, sitting in on meetings organising everything n getting told what to do . I’m living in harlem, its not how it sounds… well yeah it kinda is lol.. its not as dangerous tho.. but it can be at night.

Ive made a few freinds… in particular the man at the sandwich shop lol. Mr eisenburg. Everyday i go in there and he will come and sit with me and introduce me to whoever is on the bar. and he gives me free pickles.
Anywhere u go here you just meet amazing people, especially on the subway I had a knight on the subway yesterday, wouldn’t let me on until he was convinced that there was no danger ahead so I could get on.
Last night I went to the Degraw brothers club- National underground. It was great, down stairs they had an awsome band playing where the lead player was acutally a homeless person, well not any more, but Dad knew the drummer and hes pretty cool. Gavin sang down stairs… it was amazing, he sang sexual healing with the band downstairs, and Dad also decided that wild turkey was a good choice for me.. why anyone chooses to drink hat I dont know… but on the way home we got hungry so he dropped me offf in harlem and i went n found chicken and found a friend.. 4 am chicken from harlem ROCKS.
Today im goign downtown to see where all the rappers record, and ashanti might be there today.

Next weeks my 18th.. ot very exciting here but whre going to a resraunt, apparently its not any restraunt

You owe me a pony.

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