So Mum and I are in Vegas…yada yada linkin park

We stayed in Paris the first night.. went out drinking..

Then the next night.. went out drinking, found a guy at Karaoke.. he proposed.. I said yes, Mum said I will witness.. Mum got bored went home, we went swimming in the Bellagio water fountain. Well.. we tried. His name was Jason and he had a highly respected job at a local strip club.

The next night we went to a show at Planet Hollywood. I was a bit cranky because I was hungry, and there were all these OTHER people in my casino.. anyway this guy comes up beside me.. how is your night, getting up to much? No,.. I’m going to find some food. (Awesome Gracie.. make yourself look fat while your at it.. ) Oh.. well you should come drink with us at Pure… Me- Nah, I’m here with my Mum and we have kind of reached drinking capacity for the weekend…
I start to get a feeling we are being followed. … we are… 3 security guards and an entourage..

It was the lead singer of Linkin Park… and they were hosting the biggest party in Vegas that night at Ceasars… Sigh. He was gone by the time I realised.

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