The day that didn’t end.

So on the third day we went for a drive around the ring of Kerry.

We went to the Kerry cliffs and drove around the countryside.

Then we went to the cliffs of Moher. We walked up there as a family and then I ran back with my music blaring. It was so amazing to listen to bittersweet symphony overlooking the cliffs and the ocean. Probably one of my favorite moments in life so far.







After the cliffs we made our way to Galway. We tried at least 15 hotels in Galway and they were all booked, tried some bed and breakfasts, nothing. So it’s 11pm and no hotel room.

Off to Belfast! 3 hour drive get in at 2. Start looking for hotels… Nothing.

Belfast is entirely booked out.

It gets to 5 am and we still have nothing. Us three kids crammed in the back, no where to go. We found a holiday inn with wifi, they wouldn’t let the kids crash on the couch so they slept on the floor and we googled some options.

There was no room left in Ireland so we decided to go to Scotland. The ferry left at 11 so we dropped the car off and went to the ferry terminal. I walked a 1 hour round trip to get food, only to discover the cafe upstairs.

After some careful research I discovered they had sleeper cabins and massages. Done deal, got the room and a massage had some white wine on the deck I was very happy.

We got into Glasgow which was stunning, no rooms…………… Anywhere. Whatever, off to Edinburgh then. Two rooms a little bit out of the city… But whatever we needed sleep! It was about 46 hours in or more. Edinburgh is the more beautiful place I have ever seen. Castles and churches and parks. It feels frozen in time.

We went and checked in the went to dinner and walked around.

There was a festival called the Tattoo on so we went and watched fireworks and saw a parade and everything was awesome.

Then bed. Bed was amazing. yay bed






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