The first year of my American Story.

I moved from Albury to NYC when I was 17. Big hopes bigger dreams and a bigger waistline.
Mum came with me, dropped me off


and I started work as soon a I got there just until I made it on broadway.
I worked with my Dad in a digital media company called LMG digitalMedia where I was an assistant. I entered business card details, set meetings, got coffee.. you know all the assistant stuff.

Until it wasn’t. So I was running the company one day.. oh wait skipped a bit. Rewind 2 weeks.
The operation was mainly Dad Dan and I. And the team in India and the two interns. Occasionally some freelancers.

As time went on I took on more and more responsibility as Dad decided to start more and more companies. There came a time where he had to be supervised at meetings so it didn’t turn into another company. He would get this look, lean forward and go … you know… and I knew that was when it was time to leave before I was filing for another Limited Liability Company on legal zoom.


Einstein’s house- I am so charming


I learned the ins and outs of business fairly quickly, how to do accounts, how to handle unhappy clients, how to yell at verizon ( I was extremely good at that one) I had no idea about what we actually did though. Web design? Coding.. SEO.. SEM? WTF is that.. you don’t have time enough to say the whole thing… ( search engine optimisation…….. well fine shorten it)- No idea. I just did what was now normal… pretend I know what the hell is going on until I do.
We moved offices a bunch of times, the first one being on 5th ave, across the road from my favourite sandwich shop Eisenburgs. He taught me all about pastrami and the art of toasting Rye bread while giving me grief about the way I said tomato.
After that we bought offices up in Harlem. Not in the Harlem where we lived but the slightly scarier Harlem.

Our CFO’s name was JR. JR is amazing.. ( I may have smashed one of his Mercedes) but I would say he is amazing regardless of that. He lives in montclair in a castle with 8 cars and a stretch limo with a driver named James. One nice James is driving JR to the new office… looks around and chuckles … you won’t last a day.

In 6 months JR only had his laptop and phone stolen.. but considering it was across from a spanish drug cartel run out of the barber shop we did pretty well.

Most shootings only happened on holidays (no really) but the other times you were generally safe.

The building was manned by Greg and Sylvestor. Greg was the doorman who always appeared to be working for the FBI. Always watching and always lovely. Sylvestor was the cheeky cunning doorman who always had something cheeky to say. – Part of the charm. After

We had a new guy who came to run his radio show from our offices Lowie. We ended up being friends and he helped smuggle me into bars and walk around TriBeCa and getting punched by cab drivers after the victoria secret new years eve party. Harlem was easier with him because I wasn’t the whitest kid around.

By now we had a few entities, a few online companies, a production suite, more employees and I had a bunch of friends. First year was hard, especially the winter.. I learned pretty kick that scarf and gloves were not just a fashion accessory.
New Years. Year end. Next chapter.

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