This morning I decided to go into Real Estate

Off to Real Estate school. I am going to become a Real Estate agent.

No but really.

For some time we have been working on a project with CBS called Eye On Real Estate. It needs agents and someone to run it so TADA.

Fast forward a bit. So I got m y Real Estate license, sold a few houses, learned what I needed to about Real Estate Law, licensing in most of the states of the USA, how warped NY Real Estate is, and how business works at the top. Well at least te way I saw it looking.

I also went and got licensed in Florida in anticipation of the company opening there while managing the New York brokerage ready for the launch of Distributed Real Estate.

In the first week of launch we were on Fox news, in crains, in the real deal, and in A LOT of trouble with CBS.

HA I found one of the articles



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