You know what, when I was in high school I thought I would look back once I had accomplished certain things and go NER TOLD YOU SO and I thought that would be THE BEST feeling on earth. Thank god I didn’t do things solely for that reason.

I have done a lot of what I set out to do in high school that people said I couldn’t. Move to New York, go to a musical theatre school,  be in musical theatre (close to) broadway 😛 buy a house in NYC by the time I was 21, have my own office overlooking park avenue but most recently…. record a song I wrote (in collaboration with Dad) with amazing musicians and producers. A lot of people told me I couldn’t and .. I did. Not by myself.. I had so much help along the way.

But I did it, so here, “I told you so“……….. Wow that’s a bit of a let down. My ner ner moment wasn’t all it was cracked up to be but I think doing things for the  “I told you so moment” hasn’t been my motivation for quite some time.

I am so super lucky. I am really so thankful for the life I have and have had and sometimes I get lost in my own head and forget how grateful I should be! I am on cloud 9 at the moment because something that was always a dream of mine became a reality.

Today is an amazing day for me, I received the master of the track we wrote 2 years ago and recorded 9 months ago.

One day I was singing the song with Dad at a family friends event and (the now investor of the project) goes, that song is amazing, lets get it into the recording studio ASAP and it happened! It is a completely surreal thing that it went from this little idea that started with “there’s a New York Rat on a subway track” to a real track that real things are going to happen with.

This is a dream come true. We recorded vocals at one of the best studios in NYC (Platinum) used by some of the best musicians like U2, we recorded with a choir, had an amazing time, went through 32408723502375 mixes, had some amazing people play on the track, getting it all mixed in nashville before being sent to Marcussen Mastering in Hollywood.

Some may see this as name dropping but you know what, I think in this instance I’m just allowed 🙂

To be able to say I did that and have this amazing finished product that is me, is so indescribable. This feeling that I have achieved one of my dreams. This is a massive checkbox in the things I wanted to do in my life and it feels so amazing. Do you want me to say amazing again?

This isn’t the end of this checkbox though it is just the beginning I have so many more goals, aspirations and really far fetched dreams that I will not stop until I get or get dead.


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