When your parents act 6 years old…

me: Drama day… but I made the best of it

Simon: You love drama    Your an expert

Simon: You know what you call the wife of a hippie?

me: …

Simon: Mississippi

me: lol

Simon: You know what you call a fish with no eyes

A fish

me: … no it’s a fsh

Simon: its

no apostraphe    🙂

me: what? Why not?

Simon: It’s means ownership does the it own the fish

then it would be it’s fish

me: … no

Simon: But whats for dinner, its fish

me: it is    is shortened to it’s

Simon: Not always

me: in that case it was

it is a fish…

it’s –  it’s a fish

me: I was using it as a contraction for it is

Simon: If you were to reference something China owned in this way, you’d say “its foreign policy.”




Simon: I am glad we got that straightened out 🙂

me: nio    It’s a fish is right

Simon: it’s confusing    🙂

me: fish owns its own home. It’s a fish

Simon: Yes but why ?    🙂

And fish dont own homes

they just can’t get a mortgage

too slippery

me: I was right…..

Yes but arent you glad we went through the negotiation    it sharpens your sills

me: That wasn’t a negotiation.. it’s.. ugh nevermind

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