Beware of Online Marketers

Yes.. I am one

Online Marketing companies in general get a bad wrap.

Why? Because there are sneaky cheats out there who take peoples money and give nothing back.

I can tell you all the sneaky things people do in marketing and no wonder it’s hard for people to commit to it, there are so many horror stories!

Let me tell you about one that just nearly happened but I saved the day ( TRUMPETS)

A friend says, oh this company just said they can get me on the first page of google for $600 a year! I thought, well clearly they must have misheard. So I went to my friends store, and they reassured me that it was indeed $600 a month to come up first on google GUARANTEED.

Let’s get one thing very very clear.



If they don’t have access to their ranking algorithms (which means you work AT google) They are lying.

Anyway. These guys said $600 a year to come up first. So I called them.

The conversation went like this. 


Me: So you guarantee the business to come up first on google

Them: Yep

Me: For what?

Them: What is it you do?

Me: Mobile phone repairs

Them: Well you will come up first for mobile phone repairs

Me: Just that?

Them: Yep

Me: So you just do SEO on the website for one keyword?

Them: Oh no, we don’t do SEO

Me: Then what are you doing?

Them: Google maps. You will come up first on google maps which is on the first page of google.

Me: So I will come up only for mobile phone repairs and just on google maps.

Them: Correct

Me: But you said to the owner you Guaranteed them to come up first on google.

Them: It is… on the maps.


Had the business owner not asked the right questions, they would have been stuck with paying $600 for a google maps listing.

Is it just me or is that extremely sneaky?


Stop giving online a bad rep.




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